Why ASI?

We have the expertise

ASI was designed by experienced industry professionals to automate the reconciliation of complex business systems. This aggregation of industry and technical knowledge into powerful and flexible software adds immediate value to any department.

Value is achieved quickly

ASI’s predefined templates for common reconciliations and intuitive design for creating new reconciliations result in fast deployment time for any department.

One size does NOT fit all

ASI was designed with flexibility and ease-of-use in mind. Data transformation templates and reconciliations can be copied and modified to quickly accommodate any structural changes in the incoming data.

Implementation costs are minimized

Our cloud offering can be configured and deployed with near zero involvement from customer IT departments, resulting in lower costs and faster implementation times.

ASI is SOC2 Certified

The Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 report is an audit report issued by a third-party organization surrounding data security. The SOC2 report issued to ASI provides your auditors an understanding of the controls established around data confidentiality and security.

ASI answers the hard questions

How do I enable all of my talented people to focus on solving problems instead of finding them?

I have wonderful charts and graphs, but how do I get comfortable that the underlying data is right?

How can I get better visibility into upstream and downstream data?

How can I make sure that my financial data is right when trying to beat the financial close deadline?

How do I mitigate risk when senior staff keep moving up and out?