Applications of ASI

ASI can be leveraged to improve data health across your organization in any number of ways. Here are just a few examples.

ASI takes the high-level, largely manual, monthly Fixed Asset accounting controls, and automatically executes those controls and provides immediate knowledge of any discrepancies. This allows Fixed Asset teams to spend their time solving problems and communicating with upstream data owners, rather than spending time creating the reconciliations.

  • Ensure Project Cost Management charges reconcile to In-Service assets
  • Monitor backlog of charges that should be placed in service, including the reasons that charges are “stuck”
  • Analyze key calculations, such as depreciation and overheads, explicitly identifying the drivers of period-over-period differences
  • Ensure Fixed Asset Accounting data reconciles to the General Ledger and Financial Statements, automatically accounting for top-side entries
  • Automatically categorize all transactions that impact cash flow
  • Provide “walk” from financial view of asset cost to Property Tax or Regulatory view
  • Automatically prepare cost and depreciation roll-forward reports provided to Audit

ASI, at the push of a button, ensures that Tax results across Income, Property, Sales and Use, and Payroll accurately reflect the realities of the business in all key activities from compliance to accounting to forecast to regulatory.

  • Income tax controls and validations
    • Provisions closing controls and validations (pre-close, intra-close and post-close including audit reporting)
      • Rapid close times and confidence in final results
      • Continuous Improvement is now possible for the tax function, including the ability to rapidly prototype methods to respond to new law changes
    • Provision to compliance controls and validations
    • Tax Basis Balance Sheet controls, validating book basis and tax basis across all sources
    • Property depreciation based controls and validations (Tax Depreciation systems to Provision and Compliance)
  • Property tax controls and validations
  • Sales and use tax controls and validations
  • Tax Credit controls and validations
  • Business user enabled audit ready results for accountability of data and all tax automation

ASI provides controls and visibility into all aspects of budgeting and planning, providing historical record of process efficiency.

  • Compare version scenarios
  • Analyze budget/forecast efficiency
  • Historical plan activity
  • Budget controls & target setting
  • Compare forecast methodologies (Bottom Up vs. Top Down)
  • Budget & Forecast reporting & analysis
  • Project effectiveness

ASI provides Corporate Accounting professionals visibility into the validity all key General Ledger and Sub Ledger processes and data, enabling a seamless financial close and quality results for internal and external stakeholders.

  • Employee time sheets – detailed rule based validations for each run period based on each company / work rule / period
  • Timesheets to payroll components & all tax withholding validations
  • External validations with all 3rd party payroll providers and cross-verifications to Federal and State Governments
  • Management of all AP and AR validations
  • Supply Chain / AP / Project Management systems validations
  • AP and AR third party external payable and collections validations
  • Automated cash reconciliations of payments and receipts – including “closing the loop” with banks and external parties

ASI provides controls and visibility into all aspects of workforce management and effectiveness, maximizing workforce effectiveness through trust and automation.

  • Headcount run-rate analysis
  • Employee satisfaction
  • FTE comparison & management
  • Job & function banding controls
  • Regional compensation planning & comparison
  • Contractor management
  • Employee effectiveness & model office

Audit-level visibility into all inputs/translations/calculations and resulting outputs all along the data life-cycle

  • Automated workflows that execute all data checks and validations with a single click, allowing companies to “flatten the curve” when employee availability changes
  • Validation of all automations and intelligence regardless of source: RPA, Data Warehouse, BI, Excel, ETL, etc. (and even ASI itself)
  • Private Cloud, compliant with modern corporate cloud security policies - optional On-Prem
  • Central exposed business layer
  • Enabler of true Continuous Improvement with capability for users to rapidly iterate and deploy new controls to Production
  • Data and logical “Audit memory” - ASI retains all knowledge from prior run results so you don’t have to
  • Business user focused, allowing the person who is accountable for the process and results to own, comprehend, and run the system independent of IT

ASI provides complete control and visibility into your time tracking and payroll systems, ensuring that your tracking systems match completely with your payroll expense.

  • Ensure that tracking systems match payroll
  • Maximize time effectiveness by function and role
  • Complete tracking for billable resources
  • Ensure that non-exempt employees are not exceeding overtime budgets
  • Set time controls for high risk job functions
  • Report payroll by function and department
  • Analyze historical time and payroll effectiveness

ASI provides controls and visibility into manual business processes, extending and exposing the best business practices to maximize workforce effectiveness

  • Risk Management Controls (reinsurance)
  • Underwriting process automation & controls
  • Rate sheet & pricing controls/analysis
  • Business process automation & exposure
  • Broker management (tiering, incentives, etc.)
  • Compliance & reporting validation
  • Privacy & Security controls
  • Book of business management

ASI provides controls and visibility between on-premise and cloud infrastructures providing production controls for modern hybrid architecture.

  • Ensure consistency and validity of data across all on-premise and cloud-based solutions 
  • Create central system for analytics
  • Manage controls to validate system security
  • Set and maintain SLA's across disparate systems
  • Blend results and manage master data
  • Create automations and set alerts for system updates
  • System of record for movement to the cloud

ASI provides controls and visibility between disparate systems, providing a single trusted view for multiple GL’s, newly acquired entities, and system transitions.

  • Consolidate view between disparate GL's
  • Set controls to ensure consistency between systems
  • Manage and create system mappings
  • Develop sub-system validation
  • Automate system checks (close checks)
  • Provide visibility into system variances
  • Trusted data environment for business users.

ASI provides controls and visibility into your processes for extended workforce, ensuring that the right people have access to the necessary assets.

  • Automate on-boarding of new contractors
  • Audit access to systems/facilities
  • Track & maximize contractor time
  • Ensure facility procedures are being followed
  • Track contractor usage of company assets
  • Validate the right systems access & security procedures
  • Analyze contractor mix by department or business area