Latest Release Notes


New Features

  • There are now informational cues throughout ASI that provide additional information about the ASI objects. Anywhere you see this icon , you’ll find relevant information such as:
    • For Data Sets (accessed on the data set details window)
      • Show workflows with steps that load or Excel-integrate with the dataset
      • Show related Master Data columns
      • Show related Reconciliations (This replaces the “Related Reconciliations” list that was on the data set window)
    • For Reconciliations (accessed on the reconciliation details and dashboard windows)
      • Show workflows with steps that create new reconciliation instances, export, or Excel-integrate with this reconciliation
      • Show any related Data Sets
      • Show Master Data columns that are used on this reconciliation.


  • Added 1-click links from configured Workflow Steps to the related ASI objects. For example, for workflow steps that create new reconciliation instances, you can navigate directly to the reconciliation by clicking the “Linked Object” on the workflow screen.
  • Added type-ahead search on Workflow Step setup screen
  • In case you missed it, we have added Excel integration into ASI workflows, allowing you to further automate your manual processes while continuing to ensure that your results are correct.

  • Your data sets with a large number of rows can now be reconciled in Value-Based Reconciliations while other processes are running, and without a lag when interacting with results.

  • Significantly improved performance for ASI exporting into Excel
  • Data sets with a lot of columns load much faster. In some cases, this was slow because all discrete filter values were retrieved at once. Now they are only retrieved when you click on the filter icon on a column.
  • Prevented issues that can be caused by two users or workflows making changes to the same data set or reconciliation at the same time.
  • Added the ability to set up multiple Dashboard Filters for the same Value Based Reconciliations. For example, you can filter on an Accounting User column and Business Area User column.
  • Simplified filtering logic on Assignments window (Note that overall simplification of the Assignments feature is forthcoming later this year)
    • Removed "Assignments I own", "Complete", "Advanced Filters" options
    • Removed concept of saving the filter
    • Default view now shows Open assignments assigned to or owned by the current user with additional qualifying assignments based on "Revisit on Date" setting
    • Added Reconciliation Category option under Fields
  • Added a second type of Data Set kick-out/warning for when text information is erroneously sent to columns expecting amounts. ASI will replace those values with 0's and notify the user similar to when a Master Data look-up fails.

Other Changes

Translation Builder

  • When creating new data sets, the data set is saved before opening the translation window. This simplifies the user experience by eliminating the one-off “not-yet saved” translation builder window
  • The Translation Builder is only available on the latest data set instance. This prevents confusion caused by translations added to prior instances that are not available in more recent instances.
  • Refactored data set translation builder to support future smart sequencing feature. This feature (available later this year) will allow users to use recently-added columns in prior translations.

Email Notifications

  • Simplified email notifications by removing the embedded image. Emails will now be sent as plain text
  • Added home page URL to ASI Email notifications to help avoid Production vs. QA environment confusion
  • Added option to turn off all emails for an ASI site


  • Addressed all critical findings from external 2022 penetration testing:
    • Patched HTML injection Vulnerabilities
    • Patched Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities


  • Updated Value Rec Screens to preserve rec results filtering after updating an assignment
  • Improved error messaging around deletion of Value Based Reconciliations that are linked to Workflows
  • Addressed issue with existing Dashboard widgets getting shaded with background color upon setup of additional widgets on same dashboard
  • Updated Variance Detail logic to handle increased decimal precision - window did not handle anything below penny previously
  • Updated the jQuery and Kendo libraries to a later version - this results in minor cosmetic changes throughout the application
  • Added message explaining why Assignments are not possible on Auto Reviewed rows