Latest Release Notes


New Features


  •  The look and feel of the Amount Based Reconciliation window is now similar to the Value Based Reconciliation window
  • Coming soon: You can now add new columns to an existing Value Reconciliation
  • Coming soon: Added a new Value-Based rec configuration option, allowing for the selection of the MIN and MAX numeric values for informational columns (previously only the "sum" default was possible)
  • Coming soon: You can now reorder columns during the initial setup
  • Coming soon: Removed Value Reconciliation Queueing so multiple Value Reconciliation instances can be created at the same time


Data Retention

Is your list of historical instances getting a bit lengthy? Would you like to clear out some history without losing the ones that are most important to you? If so, take a look at the Data Retention feature on ASI data sets and reconciliations – recently updated to include advanced configurations so that you can make sure to only remove what you don’t need.



The Assignments feature continues to improve. If you haven’t started using ASI Assignments, please feel free to reach out to to learn more.

  • “Explain” assignments set to “Manually Reviewed” will no longer be updated to “Closed” when the associated reconciliation results are Auto-Reviewed. This will help with confusion around manually reviewed reconciliation results that move from Auto-Reviewed back to Open
  • Coming soon: Added 1-click navigation from assignment details window to underlying Value Reconciliation
  • Clicking an assignment in the Assignment List window will open in a new tab rather than using the current tab
  • Assignments can now have .msg type file attachments
  • Enhanced daily assignment email control to allow end user to choose specific days of the week to receive automated morning email. Click your name at the top right of the ASI window to set your email preferences
  • Coming soon: Added a Create/View assignments button from the Value Reconciliation results drilldown window


Excel Integration

Keep an eye out for an upcoming Excel Integration training to learn how to supercharge your utilization of Excel by integrating it with ASI workflows.

  • You can now load data different Excel templates into a single data set instance
  • It is now easier to select which tabs can be used in Excel integration
  • ASI can now write Amount Reconciliation data to Excel workbook tabs in a workflow via the Excel Integration feature
  • When ASI writes data to a Microsoft Excel table, the number of rows in that table will increase to fit all of the rows from the ASI reconciliation
  • Excel templates can now be renamed


Additional Updates

  • Reconciliation issues can now be added in the same context as adding new reconciliation items
  • Check out the new statistics screens in the Admin menu for data on how you’ve used ASI over time
  • Coming Soon: .Zip files can now be loaded in the “Load File (Local)” workflow step. Choosing a .Zip file will load all files in the .Zip file to a single data set instance
  • Coming Soon: Added link to ASI online Help Center and Community Forum
  • Coming Soon: Added configurations to the front-end that were previously only available to ASI implementers, such as Data Set->Master Data column mapping and usage of the BAT table
  • Coming Soon: Added Terms of Use window that details Service Agreement with ASI