Latest Release Notes


New Features

Redesigned the Assignments feature (formerly known as Solutions).
    • Simplified the process of enabling assignments on a reconciliation.
    • Implemented visual cues directly on the reconciliation grid, indicating results that have assignments.
    • There is now only one assignment per reconciliation result row instead of combination of rec result row and check
    • Reduced the number of selection options when assignments are created.
    • Simplified the Assignments list window.
    • Implemented email integration, so external user input can be easily incorporated into ASI assignment comments.
    • Reformatted and improved ASI Assignment emails
    • Added "Watcher" concept on assignments
    • Introducing the concept of an "Explanation" to allow users to permanently mark one or more Open results as "Manually Reviewed"

Created new “Assignments” and “External” User Roles in conjunction with the Assignments module redesign

Implemented new bulk user upload tool to easily add thousands of external users

Added new workflow step type to support SFTP Integration
Data set translation builder now support the following case with translated columns:
    • Column B is added after Column A
    • Column B can now be used as an input in the Column A translation as long as Column B is not dependent on Column A (no circular reference allowed)

Added object-level security in ASI so that users can limit visibility to certain data sets, reconciliations, master data, workflows and Excel integrations by user.

    • Built out new Labels configuration module to manage Labels functionality within ASI
    • Built out new window to associate the newly created Labels functionality with Data Sets, Master Data Sets, Reconciliations, Workflows, and Excel Integrations in Bulk
    • Added small pop-up Labels association window to Master Data, Value Based Rec, and Amount Based Rec sections of ASI
    • Added an additional Label field to Workflow Editor window, DataSet instance Manager screen, and Excel integration Screen
    • Built out Security Labels logic to associate Users with labels and limit ASI objects within the application


Added Informational Logging in various locations throughout the application to indicate several key end-user activities
    • Master Data
    • Data Sets
    • User management
    • Dashboards


Performance tuned and cleaned up issues within Value Based reconciliations
    • Added On-Demand Filtering to Value recs screen to accommodate larger Value Rec instances with increasing row counts
    • Cleaned up error message pop up in value rec screen associated with creating new assignments
    • Fixed Value Rec deletion to handle pre and post 2022.004 data models
    • Improved initial load performance of row results when opening a value rec
    • Removed extra error messages from value rec row result drilldown


Improved performance around the data set copy and re-translation logic involving regex functions

Enhanced Master Data kickouts to handle effective dated Master Data sets

Enhanced WorkFlow rerun logic to better handle changes to category, parameters, date formats, and other runtime attributes

Implemented new Workflow integration steps that allow for connectivity with PowerPlan Cloud APIs and URLs

Updated the UI to move Workflows menu to main screen

Made the ActionTracking parameter used to control ASI Bridge timeout configurable in the appsettings file


Other Changes

  • Addressed formatting issues involved with the Master Data column editor
  • Users Management screen now exports all users instead of only the first 100 displayed users
  • Fixed issues with filtering on user roles in Users management window
  • Administrators can now delete users. Previously this was only available to Access Administrators
  • Fixed a small issue with Ignore rules on Amount Based Recs where setting a "Does NOT Match" ignore rule to inactive breaks it
  • Fixed Amount Based Reconciliations setup wizard when more than one set of "Beg Bal + Activity = End Bal" relationships existed
  • Fixed bug that cleared out constant values on the VDU column mapping screen when editing the VDU
  • Fixed Excel export filters in various screens
  • Fixed miscellaneous dataset issues
  • Fixed miscellaneous master data issues
  • Fixed miscellaneous UI issues
  • Fixed several minor workflow step editor issues
  • Improved the performance of setting up a new MD set from a data set window
  • Locked down username field in ASI application to maintain user information link across all modules
  • Made several improvements to ASI assignment emails formatting, including the addition of a "From" field indicating who initiated the email
  • Improved ASI performance to handle 10,000+ users
  • Improved performance of various SQL calls related to Tableau
  • When a Value Rec instance is deleted, it is now removed from the list of instances
  • When a Value Rec instance is deleted that has assignments, users are now presented with a prompt asking if they want to delete those assignments or keep them.
  • Increased process time limits to allow for larger data volumes to be processed
  • Fixed miscellaneous window sizing and formatting items
  • Updated any comment fields to save images and files to S3 instead of the database, improving query performance.
  • Improved error messaging around when you attempt to delete a data set that refreshes a master data table
  • Removed Tableau configuration from App settings file
  • Security: Addressed cross-site forgery attack vulnerability
  • Admin: You can now filter on user roles in the Users administration window 
  • Initial changes to enable the ASI application to run in containers
  • Fixed bug where Dashboard edit color button did not work. 
  • Creator users did not have access to Excel integration configuration. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed a problem where users could not delete tabs in Excel integration configuration.