The best finance departments provide answers quickly and with confidence.

ASI is controls automation and analysis software that enables every member of your organization to validate and track all data impacting the business and provide real-time answers to the hard questions.

Increase data quality

Data ownership is typically segmented into different groups. The “owning” department may not have visibility into how their data impacts other groups. ASI allows all departments to apply controls to any data, providing immediate, actionable information as soon as the business changes.

Decrease close times

Finance and accounting departments are pressed to complete the financial close in increasingly tight windows. As business changes occur, ASI allows analysts and managers to build controls BEFORE closing begins that will be executed automatically during the close.

Maximize talent

Acquiring top talent is expensive, and yet executives constantly find themselves allocating their talented workforce to repetitive tasks looking for problems. The result is overworked, unsatisfied staff and missed opportunity. ASI shifts the burden of these repetitive tasks to software, allowing staff to spend their time solving problems instead of finding them.

Minimize risk

The retirement of employees that have lived the financial history of their business, as well as the trend toward moving “up and out” introduces a new level of risk not experienced by finance and accounting departments in recent history. ASI provides the means to embed employee knowledge into a system before they walk out the door.

Unlock ERP investment returns

ERP software and subledger investment decisions are largely driven by the returns that will be gained by better cross-departmental communication. The reality is that ERP software consists of many sub-modules, and generally requires external subledgers to meet industry-specific requirements. ASI is the thread that ties all of the modules and subledgers together to provide real returns on investment in financial software.

Legitimize analytics insights

Executives rely heavily on visualizations produced by business intelligence and analytics software to identify trends and anomalies in the business. However, the first question when an insightful data point surfaces is “Is the underlying data right?” The transparency inherent in ASI quickly provides the confidence necessary to make business decisions.