Freeing up Time at the Close

Before ASI

A company with well over one million customers in Wisconsin and Iowa was challenged with getting data from Asset Management, Tax and Financial Systems validated and in sync given the time to close and complexity of the disparate systems. Consequently, errors and discrepancies were commonplace.

What ASI Solved

ASI provides detailed system-to-system controls for each financial close, validating that the data within the Asset Management, Tax, and Financial systems is all valid and in-sync. These controls include ledger to sub-ledger reconciliations, intra-system interface validation, business rule checks against manually maintained configurations, as well as flux-analyses and account roll-forwards. The millions of control points executed each period are utilized by the groups responsible and accountable for the financial close to ensure that results are correct and are also used to provide support for the answer to internal and external audit.

As a result of adding literally millions of controls, all data mismatches are identified and resolved. Countless employee hours have been given back to the company so that employees can now focus on other matters.