Cash Flow Reporting Made Easy

Before ASI

At the nation's largest investor-owned water and waste services company, they had a labor-intensive process to produce cash-flow reporting across multiple business units each quarter. This was a time-sensitive process that needed to be completed in order to start the process of creating Financial Reports after the quarter close. In order to meet deadlines, the team utilized multiple resources outside of the department for several days. This required 2-3 days for 8-10 people, each with their own disparate process, supporting work papers, and reconciliations. 

What ASI Solved

With ASI, the customer was able to complete this process in one day utilizing only the people within the department. There is now one single process, and a single point of reconciliation and support for all business units. Time savings is about 10 FTEs per quarter, but the bigger value is the consistent, reliable process, and the ability to start the Financial Reporting consolidation process sooner.